Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mormon Truth Stories #3-Chad Interviews Demon Of Kolob, Regarding His Exit From Mormonism.

Demon's Exit Story

Demon's good friend Chad, that he interviewed in the last podcast, now interviews him, regarding his exit story from Mormonism.

Demon shares many of his personal mission experiences and the horrible manner in which he was treated and abused repeatedly. A lot of what Demon shares is both shocking and tragic, yet the truth and fruits of Mormonism.

It is appalling to see once again, how the Mormon cult treats and literally abuses(physically, psychologically and emotionally) their missionaries(and members), as I've covered extensively in my podcasts and blogs, over the last 2 years, since my journey to "the truth" began.

Thanks again guys for your hard work and time in putting these podcasts together for everyone, that helped to kick off this new "Mormon Truth Stories" podcast.

I encourage all ex-Mormons out there, that want to tell their story to the world, to get in touch with me and let me know how you would like to proceed. Like I've mentioned; I can interview you, you can record it yourself, or have someone that you trust, that knows you well, do the interview so that you're more comfortable.

This is a great opportunity for all you ex-Mormons out there to express yourself freely and openly and be able to share exactly what you've experienced and felt during your journey out of Mormonism.

Again, we look forward to your comments and even more forward to your stories.

Samuel the Utahnite


Ryan said...

Entertaining. When do we get Samuel's story?

Samuel the Utahnite said...

Ryan, are you the same TBM lurker that finally came out of the shadows and made a few comments a while back on my Mormon Truth Uncensored blog, basically calling me a hypocrite, that I had double standards, contradictions, etc, all because of not wanting to entertain nutjob Evangelicals and vile shit like Jose?

I was just curious and if you are the same guy; I'm glad you are still lurking around. You still TBM?

Anyway, no matter who you are, that's a great question, thanks for asking. I've talked about my story and experiences quite extensively in my nearly 300 posts and 30+ podcasts, but I have much more to tell.

However, I've never actually recorded my entire story from the beginning to the end in one podcast, which I have planned to do and basically put off for far too long.

The answer is soon, like in the next week. I'm going to post it on my original Mormon Truth podcast, which last ended with my 3 part interview with Joy(who was awesome-thanks again Joy!!).

I started writing my outline a couple of months ago and just keep adding to it, in preparation for this upcoming podcast.

I'm glad that I've waited this long to do my story and I had good reasons for not recording it before now.

I've been on a very long and painful journey the last 2 years and I didn't want to record my journey, until I knew where I was going, or until I had landed somewhere firm, which I now have.

A year ago, I was in a completely different place than I am right now and I was and have been constantly evolving in my personal beliefs on life, God, religion, etc. Now, I feel like I'm in a place where I will most likely stay the rest of my earthly existence.

Of course, we all grow and hopefully get wiser the older we get, due to the knowledge we gain through both research and personal experiences.

Anyway, thanks again for bringing this up, as I've been asked this question a ton over the last 2 years and it's time that I give all you guys my official story.

I'm just glad that I now know where I'm am and what I believe, after my entire belief system since birth, completely collapsed after learning Mormonism was a fraud, almost 2 years ago to the day.

So Ryan, if you aren't the guy that commented before; are you an ex-Mormon and are you going to share and record your story?

Anyway, take care and thanks for the comment.


Ryan said...

Yes, I am the same guy. Yes, I still proudly go to church every weekend. I look forward to hearing your story, I find these all very entertaining.

Again, the criticism at you was directed at a comment you made about how you wanted to show up in an LDS church and in the middle of sacrament meeting start talking loudly about Joseph Smith and his wives, etc. It wouldn't be appropriate because that is not the forum for your views. Just as your forum isn't there for the evangelical view. That is all.

Samuel the Utahnite said...

Good to have you back and I'm sure in the comment I made, I was referring to the delusional TBMS that tell me constantly how open the Mormon church is, that you can talk about anything, anywhere, that everyone discusses the "seed of Cain" doctrines and Joseph Smith's wives all the time, that nothing is hidden, there are no secrets, etc, etc.

We both know that isn't the case, never has been and never will be. I usually challenge TBMS to go to church the next Sunday and bring up Adam-God, racism, polygamy, underage marriages, Joe having sex with other men's wives, etc, and see what happens.

Then again, if Mormons were properly informed about the "real truth" of their history and doctrines, you could talk about anything anytime. It's only not appropriate, because of the subject matter at hand, which is pretty much forbidden to be discussed in any church meeting or outside of church for that matter.

Like your "Apostle" and pal Dallin H. Oaks say:


So, the reality is, there is no forum whatsoever, where these things can be discussed and I guarantee that if someone were to constantly bring this stuff up in Sunday school, or in a Sacrament talk or testimony; they'd have a one way ticket to the Bishop's office, probably followed by the Stake President's office and then the scheduled court of love.

Apostates like me and those who participate here are considered very dangerous and in fact, one of the most dangerous things to the church, even ranking above predators in the Bishop's handbook of instructions. Why is this?

If the church is so true and so easily proven true and the burning bosom is so much more powerful than the facts, truth and reality, which Mormon GAs claim aren't important at all; what the hell are they so terrified of us for?

I think we both know the answer, even though you don't want to admit it.

The Mormon church is a closed book and you know it and it's for good reason, considering the countless skeletons in the closet of Mormon History and teachings.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering what your personal beliefs are on God. It is obvious that you hate Mormons or at least their church. I don't know what some of the abbreviations you use are like TBM and BOM. I have read a little about you but can't find your story on what happened. I would also comment on one of the spots you have about a Mr. Ballard speaking when the missionary was killed while in service. I have heard the remarks from Mr. Ballard and I have also heard what you said the remarks were and he never said he didn't give a Damn about what happens to the missionaries.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! Very cynical! And you're absolutely right! I'm sure all of you are extremely wel-informed, intellectual scholars on Mormon doctrine, and your opinions, yes, opinions, are Correct. You know, what I don't understand is why some people who aren't members of the LDS church are so fascinated with it. Why do you persist in bashing it? Leave well alone! There are ways of learning truth that don't consist of using the mind, but the heart. I suggest you try it some time.