Friday, June 29, 2007

Mormon Truth Stories #4-The Mormon Way

The Mormon Way MP3

Demon Says:

"There is a phrase I heard once about the Mormon way of doing things. When I first heard it I found it very offensive, but now I think thatit may be right. This is a discussion of 'The Mormon Way.'"

"Mormons are asked when they go to the temple if they are honest in all their dealings. What type of example does the leadership of the church set to the membership, of being 'honest in all your dealings?' What is the true "Mormon Way" of doing things?"

This 4th episode of Mormon Truth Stories was recorded by Demon of Kolob and Chad. Thanks again guys for your efforts and another great contribution to "the truth" about Mormonism and Mormon Truth Stories.

Samuel the Utahnite


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
Some great discussions here, I enjoyed them. I just listened to this and Demon of Kolob's experiences in the last mp3. Thanks a lot for sharing, and for your time - it was nice to listen to over a few cups of coffee.

I will be listening to Chad's interview later on. Keep up the discussions, always great to hear.

Anonymous said...

It is a bummer to find your youtube site suspended. Good luck finding a better video sharing site. I hope none of the videos you had on youtube ever get flagged there again.